Events + Programs

This explains the event module. It covers the various types of event setup and associated functionality. Program memberships is covered at the bottom.

Setup for general events

General event setup. This event would be selected if there is no restrictions on who the event can be sold to.


Setup for member specific events

Setup for member specific events.

This allows you to sell to your membership base.

It also shows how to make an event available only to members with a specific membership category e.g only availble to senior players.


Events - Setting up notifications for event purchaser and seller

This explains setting up a custom email that can be automatically sent on purchasing of an event.


Processing event refund

How to process an event refund

Program memberships - 12 weeks

This is the 12 week program support document for club admins. The membership category needs to be set-up at the levels above to be use the program functionality.


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