Transferring and Multi Membership Clubs


Log into your Sportlomo public account

Select start transfer under your member card

Search for the club you wish to transfer to

Please give a reason for the transfer.

Select “Request Transfer”

Often there is a transfer approval process involved, the new club has up to 24 hours to approve the transfer, after 24 hours the transfer will be automatically approved

Click the i icon for more information. This will show you a breakdown of the transfer.

You will see who has to approve the transfer.

You Can view your transfer at any stage by logging in to your public user account. From the sidebar select members' details. Then go to view transfer.


Once approved you will receive a confirmation email.

You can then sign back into your Sportlomo account. Repeat the steps below >> Members details >> View transfer

Click the Arrow under actions. Then you can select the membership you wish to purchase in your new club and register.


You should get an email when your transfer has been approved. Log back into your public account. Select member details from your side pane and then view transfers. This is shown below.

If the transfer has been approved by all associations you will be able to click the arrow icon beside the approved transfer. From that page select the member package you wish to register for in the new club. Please sign their waivers and add any additional information. Then you will be brought through for registration.

USAR Fees: Maybe - your USAR fees will be paid but you might be transferring to a member package with a higher fee so you might have to pay the difference between the prices if any.

Union fees: If you are transferring within the same union these fees should be already paid unless there is a difference in price. If you are transfering to a different union these will have to be paid.

Club fees: With regard to the club, if they are using Sportlomo to take their club fees you will be required to pay their fees to join the club.

Yes - by using the dual member option in your dashboard you can join multiple clubs. Again you will only have to pay the difference (if any) with USAR fees and with the club fees if the club uses Sportlomo for their membership fees.

If you registered for an incorrect club and are within seven days from the point of purchase, we recommend applying for an automatic refund and then re-registering to the correct club.

If you are past the automatic refund window you can apply for a manual refund and re-register to the correct club. This has to be approved by all association levels e.g USA rugby, union, and club. This will take longer to receive as all associations will have to approve the refund. Alternatively, you can start a transfer. However, you should note you will not have to pay the USA rugby or union fees (already paid from first registration) again but if the other club charges fees as well you will have to cover these.

You may have the following options available:

Automatic Refund:

This is only available after 24hrs of purchase. This is because the transfer has to reach the other bank account before being reversed.

If you are within 7 days of the point of purchase you may have the option to automatically refund yourself from your Sportlomo account:

  1. Login to your Sportlomo account

  2. Click Payments on the side menu

  3. Click Membership

  4. You will see the automatic refund icon (see screenshot below)

You can then go ahead and register for the correct club just as you had done before.

Refund Request:

If you are returning after 7 days you can request a refund. Follow the steps outlined below. Keep in mind that all levels within the organization need to approve their portion of the fees ie: USA Rugby - Union - Club.

To apply for a refund you must:

 Login to your Sportlomo account

  1. Select Payments from the side menu

  2. Click Payments

  3. You will see the refund request icon (See screenshot below), you will receive an email telling you when you are approved.

  4. After requesting a refund, to help expedite the process we recommend contacting your club administrator, union representative, and USA rugby ( ) for approval of the refund.

  5. Then please re-apply to the correct club.


Or alternatively, you can follow the transfer process outlined above. Taking note that you may incur the other club's fees.


If you are a dual member of more than one club you can switch between clubs by “changing association” from your side menu.


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