Please refer to the videos below for support with registration.


Single Member Registration

To register a member in a club or association, follow the direct registration link for that club, create a Sportlomo account and complete the registration form for the category you are registering in to.

Single Member Renewal

To renew your membership, login to your account from your association’s registration link. Choose the membership category you wish to renew into. Choose your existing member from the dropdown list to renew.

Activate Account

After registration, it is important to activate your Sportlomo account. This will ensure that you can login and manage your account in future.


Register same member to second club as Dual Member

In order to register the same member into a second club and keep the same member profile and ID, it is important to login to your existing account when registering and register that same member to the new club via dual registration.

Add category to same member registration

In order to add a category to the same member, a member should Upgrade their account. This will ensure that the member will only be charged the highest cost of registration for membership and not charged fully for 2 separate packages.

Club President Registration

Directions on applying for registration as a Club President.

Member Needs More Information

Once registered with a status of Needs More Information, members must login to their accounts to complete their registration forms and sign their waivers.


Need more help?

  • Log a ticket on the SportLoMo Service desk